Monday, June 30, 2014

The Great American Race

Saturday night a group of cars, made before 1972, came through Jacksonville on a long rally from Maine to The Villages, south of Ocala.  They were taking around a week to complete the ride. 

I missed Saturday but was up early Sunday and saw in the paper that they would be leaving downtown at around 7:00.  So I hopped on Rocket and headed down at around 6:45.  I found them a little spread out but mostly around the Hyatt downtown.  

I spoke at length with one participant who said he knew almost nothing about it before entering.  He found that the hardest part was the navigating with the directions given.  They had many turns with the directions not the easiest to follow.  GPS not allowed.  But he also said some teams were spot on the designated time.

The cars were cool and the participants appeared to be having fun.

It was a beautiful morning

Old Thunderbird

Fueling on the street

An old racer


All descriptions

VW Beetle.  The first car I ever drove was a 1960 Beetle


Hagerty and Hemmings must have been sponsors

Even a Hot Rod


  1. Bill, if you're ever considering something along these lines, but say more exotic, take a look here, and here. I met Jenny Mah and Loren Cocking in Vancouver last year.

    I'd be pleased to provide an introduction just in case you were interested. 2016 would give you just enough time to plan.

  2. David, That would be too much for me, though I wouldn't mind doing it on a scooter.

  3. My Dad had a 1960 until my brother crashed it on New Years Day 1970. It was a cool car that produced many memories for out family.