Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scooter Cannonball Run: Day One: Hyder to Vanderhoof

Today, I had one of the most fun days of my life!  Riding like Mario Andretti for over six hours. 

It started with a rider's meeting at the end of a pier in Hyder.  A fabulous location that can best be described with the photos included here.  We all started leaving shortly after.  I left in the middle of the early leavers, but found a long line at Canadian Customs so I went back to the starting line and did it again.

We rode the same roads I had taken yesterday and they were as spectacular as before.  The weather was cold but clear early, warming as the day went on.  I was never uncomfortable as I felt nothing but joy for the entire distance.   had a cup of coffee before leaving and had nothing to eat or drink for the remainder of the time.  Then upon finishing, I had lunch with several riders at a nice German Restaurant in Vanderhoof.

Traffic was light and that allowed for some nice speed to get us to the finish.

At the finish I realized that I was competitive with my ride.  The gps was on the entire way and showed a top speed of 85 mph, faster than Rocket has ever gone.  It ran great, but the exhaust gasket is blowing after just a few weeks since it was installed.  Luckily, it is a task that I can do myself.

At the start

Rocket and Me

We have to take photos at the check points.  Here is one.  Quite fast, that Rocket.

Checkpoint 2

And the gps at the end of the day.  Nice Max Speed.

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