Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vespa Exhaust Gaskets

On the ride to Sneakers on Tuesday, I heard the telltale exhaust leak sound coming from the union between the header and the rear of the exhaust on Rocket.  

I had changed the gasket after day one of the Cannonball in Vanderhoof, B.C.  Matt loaned me his spreader so I could get a clean installation because, without the spreader you have to force the gasket into the exhaust pipe, often fracturing the end in forcing it in.  With the spreader, it slides in easily.

So, on the way to eat, we passed Harbor Freight, where I know that they have the spreader.  I broke off from the ride, went inside and bought one.  I then took the fast roads to Sneakers and still beat the group ride.

Yesterday, after work, I removed the exhaust and found the gasket in good condition, just slipped out a little.  I carefully removed it, spread the opening, reinserted it reversed from before and reassembled the exhaust on the scooter.

Then cranked it up and all was good again.  It should hold up for a while, but I have the tools under the seat and can change this anywhere.

I have done this several times already, but am getting more comfortable making my own repairs now.

Edit:  The exhaust gasket blew completely out during a 15 mile ride on I-10 on Saturday.  I let it cool while I had breakfast at Everybody's Restaurant in Baldwin, then installed a new gasket in the protection of the funeral home carport next door.  It held for the remainder of the 125 mile ride.  No more reused gaskets.

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