Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm Back!

It got too busy the last few days to keep Rocket and Me up to date.  That plus the lousy internet in the hotels.  So, over the next few days, I will post the last legs, including my fall from first place to ninth in the standings.

First broken belt on the fourth leg of Day 9, while running solidly in first place.

After working with Doug Hagemann to replace the belt, it broke again after 40 miles on day 10.
Game over.  Turned out to be a bad variator that I should have caught.  I should have brought a replacement too.


  1. Bill, you had an amazing run.

    When you're in it to win it, it's really, really hard on the bikes. This year's Cannonball demonstrated that so well.

    When a rider like Ken (Loastboater) has serious issues on the Cannonball but has crissed crossed the continent so many times on Vespas, it is proof that the Cannonball is grueling for bikes and riders.

    What you needed to have was a fresh bike after the belt went. But rules are rules. It just goes to show that the Cannonball tests both man and machine exquisitely.

    What an amazing performance.

    Hopefully you will find the energy to throw up some posts that provide insight in the whole affair, including an Epilogue or two on Amerivespa.

    Congratulations, it was an amazing event to watch.

  2. Thank you David. I have never had so much fun as I did riding with all of the cool people of the Cannonball. Bagel gave a me used variator. I used the back plate only but we should have used the whole thing. My mistake. Better yet, I should have brought one with me as I thought to do but let time get in the way. Never again. Next time I am bringing one or two along with the matching belts and rollers. And I will be well versed and have the tools to make the change anywhere.

    1. Bill... So many posts!!! I'm settling in for a good read.