Friday, June 6, 2014

It helps to ride a Rocket Ship

After three epic days of riding with some of the most serious scooter riders in the country, I find myself in a solid first place.  It has added unnecessary pressure to the adventure, but Rocket and I are going to accept it and keep pushing hard for the finish each day.

Rocket, my 2006 Vespa GT, now with almost 59,000 miles, is clearly one of the fastest scooters here,  Yesterday I easily passed and pulled away from another GT and was able to stay ahead of my new best friend Ken's GTS.  

And on flat straights, it is running faster than ever, 76 with ease several times yesterday. I had to throttle it back a few times

I have enjoyed meeting the fellow riders too.  They are all fine folks.  Last night I ran into Eric from California while riding in town.  We had dinner with Monkeybutt and his two companions,  I enjoyed it a lot.

We have another big ride today, and I couldn't sleep after sharing my room again.  So I am up early blogging and finding where the gas stations are located.

There is a Sinclair station just into Montana that might be the perfect distance to allow us a two stopper like yesterday.  Saving a stop saves at least five minutes so we will give it a try.

And I rode with Ken for a few miles yesterday.  He reminded me to be careful out there.  So no chances today,  If I am still leading that will be great.  If not, I am still having the time of my life.


  1. You have no idea how much I envy you guys.

  2. Good Luck! FLORIDA REPRESENT!!! See you in New Orleans!

  3. Way to go, Bill & Rocket! I've been enjoying your blog & photos...and following your Spot GPS locations at Looking forward to riding out to witness you & your fellow Cannonballers finish in New Orleans!