Monday, June 16, 2014

The Riders, Many of them anyway.

I had a few shots of the riders on the adventure that I thought I would share so a face could be placed with the names.  I liked them all.

Cheryl (cdwise) at the start

Suellen (Tupelosue)

Dave (Feb31st), Ken (Lostboater) and Matt (4in6iscool)

Matt (4in6iscool)

Dave (Feb31st)

Linda (TeacherQuinn), Suellen and Eric (ericalm)

Mike (LM15) celebrated his 70th birthday at end of ride.

Linda (TeacherQuinn)

Me on day 3 pushing for the finish.

Me at the finish before I talked Ken's ears off over a pitcher of beer.

Matt (4in6iscool) while riding together on day 4

Many at dinner after day 5

Doug (Old as Dirt), Mark (Maroy) and Dave (Feb31st)

Phil (MrMoi2000) at Checkpoint 1 on Day 6

Doug (Old as Dirt)

Eric, Mark, Suellen and Linda in Norman

Mark, Linda, George, Mike, Frank, Max visiting, Doug, Eric, Dave, Will and Hank

Frank Tabor

Kevin (MrKleen57)

Chuck (Chucklestx)

Ken and riders at riders meeting in Dillon

Phil and riders

Suellen at breakfast in Dillon

George (Motovista)

Greg (wire89), owner of the coolest scooter in the Cannonball

Linda, Cheryl, Suellen and Ed

Kevin and others at gas stop

Cheryl, Binh (DaBinChe) and Doug

Suellen, who acted surprised that I hadn't killed my borrowed scooter yet and Chuck




Eric and Linda

Matt, Doug, George



The Old as Dirt Team

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  1. Bill, thank you. Each one worth a thousand words. It's like seeing photos if the knights of the round table. Most of those folks are mythic MV or Cannonball people or both.