Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cannonball Day Two: Vanderhoof to Jasper

Today presented a different challenge than the smooth, fast run yesterday.  That one worked well for me.  This one wasn't one that made me comfortable, probably on purpose.

It was approximately 325 miles with at least 30 of those on dirt/gravel roads.  These were in two segments, one rough and washed out, the other graded but longer.  I stayed up and maintained a slow speed but lost time to the closest competitors.  Don't yet know the results, but I am sure that I dropped a few spots.

I saw a bear and a moose today.

Many scooters arrived in Jasper worse for wear with many minor problems.  I believe that they are all running but haven't yet done an accounting.

It was cold and drizzly the last 100 miles, so it was nice to get into the hotel.

At the day's start

A long wooden bridge over the Upper Fraser River

Another bridge leading to another dirt road.

The third checkpoint, six miles from the nearest pavement.


  1. Keep the shiny side up, Bill. Finishing in one piece is the baseline. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

  2. Bill, where are the pics of the wildlife?? To heck with placement, we want bear and moose pictures (preferably from a comfortable distance).