Sunday, June 8, 2014

Scooter Cannonball Day Five: Helena to Pinedale

Day five started with me much more refreshed after two showers and a good night's rest.  

I decided to leave later, at around 7:45 local time.  I left the hotel and immediately headed south on I-15.  There was no traffic so it was starting to look like a good day.

I got off the highway and turned onto a secondary road that led under I-90 where I thought the Garmin was telling me to go.  I got part way up the ramp when I discovered it was not the way to go so I made a quick u-turn only to see a Montana State Trooper across the street.  I wasn't going to get stuck on the highway so I proceeded to drive out of the ramp.  He must have been a good guy because he just drove off.

Then, before I got to the first check point I noticed that my gps was loose.  I am not sure why but the flopping caused me to miss a turn.  When I realized this, I had to stop to find the other mount, losing about ten minutes. From there it was nothing but a great ride, running on the west side of the Teton Mountains, then Teton Pass with steep grades both up and down.

In the last 25 miles, I found myself falling asleep, so I had to exercise on the scooter to stay awake.  

We all had a nice dinner and beer at a local brew pub with most of the riders attending.

Edit:  I had the best score this day.

Leaving Helena

Views along the way

Cows on a cow overpass

The Tetons in the view

Work and talk in the parking lot

Many riders at dinner

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