Monday, June 9, 2014

Scooter Cannonball Day Six: Pinedale to Dillon

Day Six started well enough.  Little did we know that it would become part of Scooter Cannonball Lore.

I left Pinedale at around 7:30.  The first parts were easy and relatively quick.  The second checkpoint was on the Wyoming Colorado border where the pavement stops and a graded gravel road appears.  It was fine but I followed my Garmin when it said to make a U-Turn and take a loose gravel road.  It turned out to be another Garmin glitch, mostly my fault for not asking it to take me to the end of the correct road, but further down the road.  I backtracked and only lost around 20 minutes, so not a total disaster.

Then we hit the pavement and came upon Ed, who had run out of gas on the way.  Cheryl stopped too and we shared our spare tank fuel with him.  He still received additional fuel from a local resident who went home and came back and filled Ed's tank.  People are nice around here.

After that, it started raining.  And it got colder.

At the Rabbit Ears Pass, it started snowing, and it was cold... and wet.  I have never been as uncomfortable.  All of my waterproof gear leaked.  My gloves were drenched.  And the Garmin quit working.  So I had to ride to Dillon by memory, then try to find a hidden hotel.  I ended up getting the Garmin out of my pocket and using it for the task.

Others had difficulty too.  One speeding ticket, a broken belt and one just loaded her scooter on the support truck.  It was so miserable.

But we all made it safely to ride another day.

At the Start

Passing Frank

Phil on the road

Scenes along the way to Colorado

Where the asphalt ends

Helping gasless Ed

Checkpoint three in the rain

At the Hotel, where my brother David was waiting

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  1. Inspiring words from Mario Andretti: "Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal."
    Go for it!
    - Scott and Shelly