Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scooter Cannonball Day Three: Jasper to Fernie

Well, this was a day for the ages, for me.  Easily the most fun ride ever, even better than Day One.  The scenery was breathtaking with every turn in the road bringing a mountain view better than the last.  And today, it included much snow in the trees and on the ground, with a little in the air at times hitting on my face shield.

It all started in Jasper, a beautiful town in a beautiful area.  I would go back in a heartbeat, just to see it again.  I started late because of the weather forecast, that of getting better as the day progressed.  I got one block and got a red light.  George Merriweather, my sometimes roommate, caught me so I had to ride with him for a while, I hated that, but luckily my Vespa GT is faster than his Vespa GT so I easily pulled away, until I slowed for respect to speed limits to protect the Moose in the park.  He ignored those and caught up.  Luckily I had to stop for gas and let him go, only to catch and pass him again down the road.

I also caught and passed Doug Hagemann on the way, finishing easily 15 minutes ahead of both him and George, two of the top competitors.

Traffic was light all day and I was lucky to only stop twice all day.  One fast gas stop and one very slow and confusing gas and bathroom stop.  It didn't matter because as soon as I got back on Rocket, we started flying again.

My time for the day was 5:59 for 361 miles.  I don't think anyone could do better than that today.  I was passed only a couple of times and passed everyone else on the road.  That, is a lot of fun for me.

And I have to say, Rocket is the Man!  Coolest machine I have ever seen.

 The start in the parking garage of the hotel in Jasper

Early on the road in the Jasper National Park

Scooting in a Winter Wonderland

More winter.  It was cold but fantastic!

More mountains

a 75 mph selfie.  I might not look it, but I was real happy.

Rocket and Me:  A fine team.


  1. Bill you are riding in that weather with THAT helmet???? The reason you're happy but not smiling is that THE BOTTOM HALF OF YOUR FACE IS FROZEN SOLID!?!?!?!?

    1. David, I used to love that helmet. I have since bought a couple of Scorpion helmets, one 3/4 in hi viz yellow, the other a full face with colorful graphics. The 3/4 is perfect for me in that it has an integral sun shield and a visor to block the low sun. It is also very comfortable. The full face should fit the same but doesn't. It is very tight around my Leuthold cheeks. I am hoping that it loosens up soon, because I sort of like it.