Friday, July 1, 2016

They're Here

Cannonball riders are beginning to converge on the First Coast, four days before the start.

Tromper from Seattle arrived yesterday to purchase an almost new Kymco People 200.  It is an older version with a small, air cooled engine, but it should be rugged and make it to the finish.

But he needed to make some minor changes.  Adjust the carburetor, mount a GPS and disconnect the evap system so he could actually fill the tank at the stops.

We had lunch, then we scooted to my house so he could use my tools to make the changes.

It was a hot afternoon, especially for someone from the Pacific Northwest, but he got everything done.

It was a pleasure to meet a fellow Cannonballer.  I am looking forward to getting to know him better during the run.

Then Yanobobano and her dad arrived today.  We had lunch and spent much time discussing scooters, the Cannonball and the route.  Nice pair.

Then the Sprint for Feb 31st was delivered to my house.  Nice scoot.

Tromper working in the garage.

 Yanobobano and her cool dad, Wendell.  We had lunch at Mossfire, but my phone erupted saying the Vespa delivery driver was at my house.

Feb 31st new Vespa Sprint arriving on a trailer.  0 miles on it.
 I rode it from there to my house, a half block away.

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  1. I will be interested to see how the Sprint does since I have one.