Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 SCR Raw Times

I surprised myself when I found that the raw times had been posted for the Scooter Cannonball Run. Vanessa and I did well.  The competition this year at the top was strong, but not having Doug and Dave running this year made it a lot easier to finish on top of the raw times.

Not bad for an old man on a wrecked scooter.

At the finish.  Honestly, I was glad to ride in.
Having the best raw time was not expected.


  1. So modest! You have a reputation for riding hard and I for one don't mind at all. Good work.

  2. Also consider that at least 4 of the top ten had tour tanks, meaning they did not have to take the time to stop and refuel, your time is even more impressive. YOU RIDE FAST! Remember that next time we are on a oyster tour. Great job once again.

    1. Thank you Ken, I never stopped more than twice each day. Once heading into Missouri. Those stops were very short, usually two or three minutes. After I learned to use the spare tank to fill in rural areas, I could combine refueling with bladder emptying. Saved a minute or two by doing that. As for the speed, I have learned a new appreciation for riding slower. We can go as slow as you want on the next tour.

  3. Awesome Bill from Jacksonville!