Saturday, July 16, 2016

SCR Day 11: The final day

It had to end.  The 2016 Scooter Cannonball Run in in the books now.  And it was a good one.

I started a little late for me as we had a mix up.  Gary left thinking I had loaded my gear in the support car.  I called him and he returned.  Then off I went on Vanessa.

The official route was through some slow roads, so I opted for the Google Fastest Route between start, checkpoints and finish.  So I rode on interstate highways to the first checkpoint, where I ran into Ken changing a spark plug on the side of the road.

Getting started

Checkpoint 1

I didn't see a gas station there so I decided to ride on and use the spare gas can for a fill up alongside a giant wheat field.

Refueling in a wheat field

Then 50 miles of I-90 until hitting 2 for the run to the finish.

Parts of this road were nice but it was mostly running through traffic into little tourist towns.

Western Washington

German McDonalds

Riding along the river

And once into the Seattle area, nothing but traffic to the finishing line at the ferry terminal in Mukilteo.

I was second in, Walt beat me by a few minutes. Ken's wife Vicki was there too.

Walt at the finish

A visitor, Vicki and Walt

Juan and Kevin

Pretty view of the finish

Scooters lining up

Ken and Vicki

Team Squadra Lumaca.  Second, third, sixth and tenth.

John, Matt and Mark

John, Matt and Mark

Juan, me in Jami's shirt and Kevin

The Gainesville boys, Juan and Kevin, arrived soon after me.  I had passed them on 2 earlier.

Then Ken, Mark and Matt.  Before long we had nearly 20, with the remainders coming after we broke up after two hours.

We all had dinner at an Irish Pub across from the hotel, then I did my touristy thing by riding into downtown Seattle to see the place.

Vanessa was spectacular on the run.
Now she stays with my cousin, Drew, until I retrieve her next year.


  1. Man oh man, that was epic, really epic. No fender eating bear episodes, but epic nonetheless.

    Does that young man know what a privilege it will be to ride a transcontinental Cannonball rocket for a whole year?

    1. Drew and his dad, my first cousin Paul both asked a lot of questions. Both will be taking their MSF courses soon. Drew rode her around the neighborhood, showing fine skills. She is in good hands. I changed the belt two days (700 miles) ago.. This morning changed oil and filter and put the new rear tire on her to be ready for the epic return home.

  2. Oh.... Two missions for you, both at Pike's Market: 1) go to the original Starbucks, then 2) just a few doors down, there 's a cheese shop Beecher's. You have to buy Dinah's Cheese. Pure heaven on earth.

    1. Unfortunately I rode down early evening last night. Didn't stop anywhere and got back to the hotel as it was getting dark. Today was breakfast with the cousins, then I was scooter less all afternoon.