Sunday, July 10, 2016

SCR Day 6 Short 303 miles from Lincoln to Valentine

After the spark plug issues yesterday, even after finishing fourth for the day, I dropped to third in the overall standings.  No problem.  I am comfortable there as I know that when I ride a perfect day, I can't beat the two ahead.

Today started early.  Robert (Madison Sully)spent the night last night after riding the route the last two days.  He left at 5:00.  I left at 6:00 and had a very easy ride to Valentine, Nebraska.

The part of Nebraska we traversed was like yesterday, full of straight roads lined by farms.  A few nice views of farms and hills but nothing like we will be seeing soon.

Off to South Dakota and Wyoming tomorrow.

At the hotel, 5:45 AM

GPS's ready to go

I left with Ken

Vacant Nebraska

More from the road

And one more

It was a perfect ride for me.  I can't do better.


  1. Over halfway there! You're 6 minutes of stopped time was for 2 fuel stops? Average of 3 minutes each? You don't mess around.

    1. Of that 6 minutes of stopped time, was any of that time for red lights, stop signs, etc.?

    2. I used my spare gas can to mostly fill the tank at a stop light. Multi tasking at its best. Not many other traffic lights on this route. Time not moving is time lost in this event.

  2. Bill you and Ken are making this look simple. I know it's anything but simple.

    Safe travels!

    1. David, it actually is simple. Yesterday and today, simply twist the throttle as far as it will go. Then ride like that 300+ miles to the hotel.

  3. Keep going TEAM, we're with ya!

  4. Keep going TEAM, we're with ya!