Monday, July 4, 2016

Ready for the Cannonball start

Everyone has made it to Fernandina Beach for the start of the 2016 Scooter Cannonball Run.  Well, almost everyone.  Several had to drop out over the past few months.  The latest was Feb31st, who broke his foot while working in his yard yesterday.  His brand new Vespa is sitting in my garage, awaiting pick up later in the summer.

The participants are coming from all over the country.  At least one from Canada.  There is Team Hawaii too.  The Highway to Heal team from Seattle is an interesting group.  They will be a breath of fresh air, as they appear to have much fun while riding with interesting helmets.

The rider's meeting went well with Maroy doing his usual fine job addressing everyone's questions.  Yanobobano passed out the shirts, stickers and patches.  These were all based on Kylie's winning design and they look great.

I had run 35 sets of daily guides, expecting maybe 30 participants.  But ran out with three or four not receiving theirs.  Mine goes to one of those.

Unloading MP3's for Maroy and 4in6iscool

Julie, Mrs. ScooterRaton, ScooterRaton and Wendell

Scooter Raton's wild scooter

The hottest lunch in history.  It must have been 100F overlooking the beach.  Lostboater, CDwise, 4in6iscool Maroy and Captain Gary.

Red, White and Blue Helix's on Independence Day.

Scooters gathered


Scooter Raton's again

Yanobobano's GT

Tromper bought this Kymco People three days ago.  After many problems, 
and repairs in my garage, it appears to be ready to go

A Kymco


Suzuki Burgman 200

Vespa GTS

Blurry shot of Gary getting the guide books

Maroy running the meeting

Part of the Highway to Heal team

Cool headgear

Highway to Heal in their headgear at the beach.

Maroy and 4in6iscool in the trailer.


  1. Thanks for the pre-departure glimpse Bill. Can't wait to follow along.

    1. I will try to post every day. Day One is on now.

  2. I am sorry to hear about Feb 31st! THANKS BILL HAVE FUN!

  3. Is that really all the gear the Highway to Heal team are wearing? They'll need healing alright. Road rash and sun burns, OUCH!

    1. I didn't see them riding today. Hopefully well dressed.

  4. This is awesome!! Wishing you a wonderful and safe ride. Message me once you are home and I will get a Voodoo Shirt sent your way! ( I just saw that you were asking about one when we were ordering last time but we never connected to work out details.) Tina Faucheux