Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cannonball Daily Guides

Mark, the main organizer this year, asked me if I could help by making the daily guides.  That is a little booklet of each day including an overall map of the day, photos and a detailed satellite map of each checkpoint and the finish and an elevation graph.

The cover gives each rider a place to put their time of day at each of the checkpoints and the finish.

I couldn't figure out what app to use to create them, but settled on Microsoft Word.

Mark had to assist in getting the turn by turn description to me.  Then I took it and modified it to fit the format.

I am pleased but I am sure that we will find some errors along the way.

The printing company does all of my "blueprints" as they used to be called.  They did a fine job running them, but I wish I had asked them to sort them with package having all 11 day instead of each package having each day.  We can bust them up to hand them out on Monday.

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