Thursday, July 14, 2016

SCR Day 10: Hamilton MT to Walla Walla, WA

We had another cold morning, but I decided to leave at 7:00 to beat the crowd.  Only John (Classic Rider) got out ahead of me.  I must have passed him while he was fueling because I never saw him along the route.

The Seattle boys got out ahead of me too.  I passed them early.

An unintentional shot that I liked.

It became very cold after turning onto 12, heading into Idaho.  Then we had nearly 100 miles of riding along Clearwater River all the way to Washington.

Along 12 in Idaho

More shots along the river

Vanessa about to get refueled

My nemesis, Walt (Flyguy2) caught me after my first fuel stop and we rode together for many miles until he had to stop for fuel.  When he rides  behind me, we go quickly and have fun.  I signaled for him to pass me and go ahead, but he likes to follow me.  I know I was holding him up.

The dreaded Walt coming up from behind.  He is a great guy, but I prefer to ride alone.

One of only a few photos while Walt was following.  It gets a little intense.

Logging trucks.  They move along well, but we must pass.

In Washington, everything turned shades of brown.  The fields of wheat were massive.

CP3, crossing the Snake River into Washington.

Brown fields as far as the eye can see.

I arrived at the hotel in Walla Walla first, soon followed by Walt, Cheryl and the rest of the gang.

I had never been to Oregon, so I headed that way for lunch in Milton Freewater with Walt, Bob (bigkart) and Chris (Ctopher).   We stopped at a little family place and had mostly burgers.  Now I can check it off my states scooted in map.

Bob and Chris on their Helix scooters

After settling into the hotel, I wanted to see downtown Walla Walla and found a charming, small collection of buildings containing restaurants, shops and everything anyone needs from a downtown.  I unexpectedly ran into Captain Gary while there.  He was dining with relatives.

A German looking building downtown

Gary dining in downtown Walla Walla

There was a group dinner at the restaurant in front of the hotel for everyone and most attended.  It is a fine group.


  1. Another Cannonball almost in the books. Safe travels Bill.

    What's the plan for the return?

    I'm guessing Ken will ride a long route back?

    1. I am leaving Vanessa in Bellingham with my cousin Paul's son Drew. It turns out that he has been wanting a scooter. He will have her for a year until I return to ride her home.

      It sounds like Ken will be using my trailer space to get Big Red home instead of his usual ride home.

  2. I was curious about your return.I could see myself doing the cannonball but i would have to fly back and ship the scoot home,too much for my butt