Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two Dudes

Last night, for the weekly Tuesday Dinner Ride, we chose to ride to Two Dudes Seafood at Atlantic Beach.  It is one of our favorites as the food is fresh and well prepared, all for a good price. 

The ride out was typical of heading to the beach at 7:00.  I led, and we headed out Atlantic Boulevard.  Traffic lights mostly worked for the 9 of us but we did get separated once.  We regrouped and made it safely to the beach.

The food was great as I had grilled Flounder with mixed vegetables.  Tanya had spectacular looking Scallops, everyone was pleased.  I rode the 20 miles home solo, enjoying the freedom to ride my ride.  I love leading this group but it is fun to go it alone occasionally.  I plan to ride the Scooter Cannonball mostly solo so I should get my fill of that over the next two weeks.

Bikes at the warehouse.  My NC700X is smaller than the big scoots.

Still within a mile of the warehouse, preparing to turn onto the Acosta Bridge.  Me leading.

Me and Tom

Fine food and good value.  One of our favorites.

Six of the nine enjoying a fine meal.

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