Monday, May 19, 2014

Spare Wheel

Because I have my friend Leslie's GT while she is living in Italy, I decided to use her rear tire as my spare for the Scooter Cannonball.  Saturday was a good day to take care of the last remaining items to prepare Rocket for the ride so I decided to take the wheel off in my garage.  The rear wheel removal on these involves removing the exhaust and the rear swing arm, both of which came off easily.  I couldn't get the wheel nut off using my standard socket set, just couldn't develop the force needed.  I considered having Boris come over with his tools and strength, but he just gave me his 24" breaker bar to use.  The nut came off easily using the leverage from the tool, so I went out and bought a cheap one at Harbor Freight.  Now I have confidence that I can do most of the work that might be needed on the scoot during the ride.

I did notice that her Pirelli tire was showing its age.  Over 4000 miles on it along with being around 5 years old.  So I ordered a new Michelin City Grip for the spare.  I am running a City Grip, 120/70/12 on the front and a Michelin Power Pure 140/70/12 on the rear.  I got a 130/70/12 as the spare as it is great for the rear and will work for the front in a pinch.

The other need was for a spare fuel tank to get me through the long runs in Canada where gas stations are rare.  I bought a five liter tank and found a way to secure it to the rear rack using strong bungee cords.  I am fine for 200 miles between stations now.
Now it sits in my garage like this until I return

The power of the breaker bar did the trick

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