Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spot Found

I am not sure what it is, but this Scooter Cannonball Run has become so important to me that I go crazy if something doesn't feel right.  

I am so concerned that I will forget something important that I probably will because of my current excited state.

Yesterday I looked all over the house and guest house, where we are sleeping these days because we are preparing our house for sale.  I couldn't find my Spot Messenger and almost went into a panic.  Then, later in the day realized that I didn't know where my Garmin was either.  So, with both missing, I backtracked and found both in the guest house on the bottom shelf of a small bookshelf.  I never put anything there but did when returning from Tennessee.  Probably put it there so I wouldn't lose it.

So, everything is found.

By the way, the spot is really cool.  I turned it on for the group ride to Two Dudes Seafood last night and it tracked us there.  Then I had it on in the guest house and that is where it placed me for the night.  I am glad that I am not a spy, or wanted by the law for anything.

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