Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rear Shock Failure...Now??

On Tuesday night I rode home very quickly from dinner with the club.  On the very smooth Butler Boulevard and I-95, I noticed that the rear was bottoming out on small irregularities in the pavement.  I had never felt that before.  Then, yesterday, I washed it and rode it to take some pictures of the clean machine.  On that ride it bottomed a couple of times. Then, just sitting still and lightly bouncing on the seat, it bottomed each time.  Great timing, as I am scheduled to take it to Tennessee on Saturday to get onto the big trailer for the ride to Hyder.  

This morning I took it to another mechanic, Mike, who replaced the spare tire with a new Michelin and while there I had him adjust the shocks to the firmest setting.  It made no change.  Rats!

So I have been talking to George the owner of Scooterpartsco.  He has a set of Malossi rear shocks that he can send overnight for Boris to install Friday night.  

Another $400 for the Cannonball.  It should be worth it.

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