Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Longest Day: Cannonball Starts

Today begins the journey to compete in the Scooter Cannonball Run. And today, hopefully, will be the longest day.

I was up at my usual pre 5:00 waking time.  Glanced at the Scooter Cannonball website, Followride to see where Rocket is, and checked Modern Vespa to see if Froggie Position got off on her Iron Butt ride. All is well as Rocket is in Canada and Froggie got off early, around 3:30.

Now I have to do my time sheet to pay for all of this and send a drawing to a great client that has been patient as I spend too much time thinking about this big scooter ride.

Then I begin the trip by flying to Prince George, BC at 3:00.  The first leg stops in Chicago, then to Vancouver, then arrives in Prince George at midnight.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with another great client, we are designing a 5,000 s.f. riverfront house for them, and the contractor and interior designer.  The contractor, a good friend, had a Cannonball support gift for me.  It was a mock paint can with a hand drawn map and scooter as artwork, filled with goodies.  They are seen below.

My Facebook page is busy too with well wishers.  I am feeling good today.

I will use much of this on the ride


  1. Bill, my very best wishes to you! Have a great time! If it were me I'd be basking in the experience rather than vying for top spot. There are some incredibly competitive types you'll be up against, willing to brave hypothermia and falling asleep at the handlebars to vie for the daily win. My wish for you is to ride safe, no worries and harvest great memories.

  2. Great advice, David. I ride fast and stop little on my normal rides, so it should fit my style well. If it proves to be impossible to compete, I will slow down and take in some sightseeing. Banff and Glacier are fantastic places and it is unfortunate to have to miss much of them.