Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dinner in Gainesville

Tonight I drove 70 miles to Gainesville to have dinner with my wonderful daughter, Kylie. We went to a little storefront Vietnamese restaurant for Pho. When I dropped her off at her restaurant workplace, she handed me a bag of notecards she made by hand for me. One for each stop. 

There appear to be notes in each one. I was instructed to open them at each stop. 

She is special. 

Keeping it in the family, I called my son Sam in Chicago on the return home.  I was in the noisy Miata, it has a small pinhole in the top right at my forehead making it even noisier, but we were able to communicate for ten minutes or so.  He rode his bicycle in a charity ride from Ann Arbor to Chicago over the weekend.  He is special too.

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