Thursday, May 8, 2014

Apartment Living

My wife, Sarah, had decided that the incursion of much new traffic caused by the new restaurants in the block next to our house has become so much of a problem that we are moving.

In preparation for the move, she is getting the wear fixed in the house.  One of those items is the wood floors in the kichen, dining, breakfast and foyer of the house.  This makes it not possible to get into the house as we would have to cross wet floors to get from any of the three doors to the remainder of the house.

Luckily, we have a 330 s.f. apartment in the back of the house.  It consists of two rooms about 11' x 11' plus a tiny bathroom that has a shower that is maybe 28" square.

We moved into it on Tuesday night, a night that coincided with our daughter Kylie coming home for a stay from school in Gainesville.  Her plus our two Golden Retrievers makes for a full house.  

In the mornings, in order to not disturb them at my very early rising time, I just get up, take a shower, get dressed and off to the office.  I got there before 6:00 today.

To top it off, the water is draining very slowly at the moment.  It might not work for them this morning.  I am calling the plumber at 7:00 to get it cleared.

Edit:  Met the plumbers there at 10:00.  It took them ten minutes to get it cleared.  It should be good for a while now.

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