Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Dinner Ride. Brucci's Pizza

The club ride tonight was to Brucci's Pizza toward the beach. We had seven riders and two more met us there. I took my usual lead position and we headed out. The ride out was hectic as traffic was heavy and lights poorly timed. We got separated several times. 

The pizza was very good. I sat with Tanya, Russ and Geezer, so it was a good time. But Tanya offered a coupon for a free 12 inch pizza with a paid 16 inch one. When the bill came, those thinking that the were getting one for free found out that the discount was divided to all pay groups, so they didn't save much. They wanted the others to chip in.  Sorry, we said. They weren't happy.

But the evening's highlight was yet to come. I needed one more quick ride and the ride home offered a fine opportunity. I rode south to Butler Boulevard, then up I-95 to Park Street. Rocket was up to it as we ran an indicated 80 to 85 mph the entire way. I was passed by one car the entire way. I must have passed at least a hundred. It was a lot of fun. Rocket is ready. 

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