Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fuel Economy

I rode my Honda NC700X on the scooter club ride to Darien, Georgia today. It was a nice, relaxed ride with speeds between 55 and 65 mph and few stops. I filled the tank in St. Marys on the return home. 197 miles, 2.65 gallons. 74 mpg, and on regular. 

I filled Rocket's tank yesterday and got around 57 mpg. 

The Honda has a long term average of about the same as Rocket at around 65 mpg. 

My worst is the 50cc Malaguti Ciak 50. It averages around 50 and has very expensive oil added to the gasoline. 

The Honda is bigger with better performance, but Rocket is much more fun. 

The Malaguti is a great neighborhood scooter, maximum speed 40 mph, and has its place.

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