Monday, April 28, 2014

The Cannonball Field is Shrinking

Today, Geoff Gregory, AKA HelixGeoff, wrote that he has to drop out of the Scooter Cannonball because his boss wouldn't let him take the time off.  I know Geoff and was looking forward to getting to know him better while on the ride.  He was riding there with Eduardo, who went with us to Robbinsville and Deals Gap last year. I hope he is still planning to ride.

I thought after the first rider declined that there would be others.  It looks like three now.  I will be surprised if it isn't at least three more before the start.  Could be a lot more.  It is quite an effort to get to the start and some might be just now realizing that.


  1. It looks like Eduardo is out too. I am quite certain that the field will be less than 40 at the start.

  2. My scooter is to large, or else I would do my damnest to ride in the Cannonball. I ride a Kymco 500.