Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunday Club Ride, Valdosta

This Sunday, the club will ride to Valdosta, Georgia, for the weekly long ride.  It is a 230 to 280 mile ride depending on where each person starts.  We will leave from the McDonalds on Chaffee Road, about 10 miles west of downtown Jacksonville.  Head out 90 to Macclenny, then northwest to Fargo.  From there we will take 94 to Valdosta.  I have been on that road once before.  It has some interesting parts, not totally straight, and is almost vacant of traffic.  Lunch at a Valdosta favorite, O'Neal's Country Buffet.  Not healthy, but filling.

It looks like at least 4 have signed up, so we will probably have 6 to 10 riding. 

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