Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cannonball Route

Hyder Alaska to New Orleans, La.  

I found a map on Google today for all of you (not many really, but I am trying) to see the route graphically.  Three and a half days in Canada, the best part depending on the weather, then 6 1/2 days for the run to New Orleans.  Many mountains in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, much of it I covered in a ride from Denver to Glacier NP and back to Denver last year.  

Then I finish it off by riding back to Jacksonville after a brief visit to Amerivespa in NOLA.

Five and a half weeks until I trailer the scooter to Tennessee with Mike.  Six and a half weeks until I fly to Prince George, BC. for the ride to the start in Hyder.  

Parts are ordered for the scooter.  I have decided, after we determined that Russ' GT engine problem won't happen to mine, that the cylinder head will go untouched except for a valve adjustment before the ride.  The parts are mostly for the transmission freshening, hopefully allowing a bit more top speed.

Here are the stops:
June 3:    Hyder, Alaska:  start in the morning
June 3:    Vanderhoof, British Columbia
June 4:    Jasper, Alberta
June 5:    Fernie, British Columbia
June 6:    Helena, Montana
June 7:    Pinedale, Wyoming
June 8:    Silverthorne/Dillon, Colorado
June 9:    Ulysses, Kansas
June 10:  Norman, Oklahoma
June 11:  El Dorado, Arkansas
June 12:  New Orleans, Louisiana


  1. What a adventure. You have no idea how I envy you.

  2. Yes, Robert, I had the same feelings when we couldn't go last time. I just had to go this year, especially when I found out it was running over five days in the mountains. I can't wait for the start.

  3. Bill, that's not an adventure it's an odyssey. Do you know whether that route is the longest in Scooter Cannonball history?

    The only way it could get longer would be to run the same route through to Key West.

    Are you superstitious at all? Let me know one way or the other: david@masse.org

  4. David, it is probably the longest to date. Also the northernmost. I am making it longer by adding 540 miles from New Orleans to Jacksonville on June 14.
    As for being superstitious, not really, but I do have a Gremlin bell on my scooter and I hate black cats, or at least when they cross my path and look at me in disdain.