Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nexus 7

Two weeks ago I bought a Google Nexus 7.  They were on sale at Best Buy for $199. from the usual $229. plus I had a $20 gift certificate from a purchase for my daughter at Christmas.  I have been setting it up and using it a lot since, but was about to take it back because it has a very small screen, not much bigger than my iPhone 5.  

That was until today, when I downloaded MapFactor from Google Play.  This is a free app that even has maps that are stored internally, so it is basically a free standing GPS.  I was only able to check it out briefly, but it appears to be a good one.  The maps appear to be very detailed.  I downloaded Canada and every state we will be passing though on the ride.  

Now I need to purchase a RAM mount so it can be my go to GPS for the Cannonball.

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