Friday, April 11, 2014

New Parts

Last night I ordered most of the parts I will need to do the Cannonball.  These included a drive belt, front shock, Dr. Pulley Sliders, and the outer part of the variator. I didn't get engine parts as I am more confident now that the engine will be fine. 


  1. What weight of sliders and what brand of belt?

    I've got a GT200 I'm about to put 9.5 gram sliders in and I'm using the cheaper Athena belts that can be found on Ebay.

  2. I am putting 10g sliders in this time. They were only offered in full grams. I put 9.5 in a GT I had for a year or so and they were fine. I went 10 this time to try to get a little more speed. As for the belts, I have never put anything in but Piaggio except one time when I tried a Malossi. It was falling apart when replaced at around 6000 miles. I have had Piaggio belts go 12,000 and look fine. I have 9000 on the current belt, but did have one shred at 2500 miles. It must have been defective. I have had Dr. Pulley Sliders destroy a variator because I left them in too long. Change them with the belt change.