Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mandarin Ale House

The Tuesday 7bsc ride this week was to Mandarin Ale House, a 12 mile ride from the warehouse down San Jose Boulevard.  Not a great place, but it was ok as a destination.
We had around 12 at dinner.

I rode home over the Buckman Bridge, a 3.2 mile bridge on I-295 over the river.  There was a headwind of at least 20 mph that slowed my top speed to maybe 70.  The weather, other than the wind on the bridges, was nice, cool and clear after a morning rain.

The ride down San Jose Boulevard.  This one displays one of my issues with riding with high beams.  You can clearly see scoots with low beams on.  The high beam scoot is just creating a lot of glare while making it hard to distinguish the rider and bike.

The gang at the restaurant


  1. Bill you're lucky to have a good bunch of riding buddies. Most of my riding is solo. I perk up when I see another rider during my commute.

  2. David, I like both group rides and solo. Most rides are with the group and I enjoy the company. Most are good riders and friends. I still enjoy solo for getting somewhere fast.