Friday, May 1, 2015

Back From Virginia

After around 1700 miles riding in the last 7 days, I made it home before 2:00 today.  We stayed in Augusta, Georgia last night, leaving at 8:00 for the 260 mile ride home.  The weather and traffic were favorable for a nice ride, so nine of us had a good ride.

Attached are riding and road photos for your viewing pleasure.  The twistiest places kept me too busy for photos, but I got a couple of good GoPro videos.  These were all taken while riding, using a strap around my neck holding a point and shoot Canon camera.

Sue and David on the ride up on Day 1

Razzo with David's BMW C650GT

Both bikes again at a stop to charge the GoPro battery


  1. Very evocative. I love that part of the world.

    1. It was a beautiful place to ride. I would go back often, but it is a two day ride for our club. I might be able to do it in one day solo, but it would be a very long day.