Friday, May 29, 2015

Ride to the Gathering

I rode Razzo up to the Gathering yesterday.

The ride up was great, in that there were no issues, and it ran fast and smooth as usual.

I saw the sun rise from I-95 near Brunswick.

And met Mike in Landrum, S.C. for lunch.  I told him the day before that I should be there at 12:30.  I met him at 12:28, so good timing.  He had offered to buy me lunch but arrived at our meeting place with his wallet conveniently left at home.  Luckily, I had mine.

I arrived at the Skyline Inn at Little Switzerland at 3:00.

A ride was arranged with Noreen, Kevin, Ralph, Will and Mark.  We covered some of the fantastic roads in the area until Noreen had a flat rear tire.  Will, Ralph and I stayed the hour or so with her as Kevin went to retrieve a trailer.  We put the scooter on it and headed back on 80 and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I really love riding in these mountains.

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