Monday, May 25, 2015

Ride to Orlando

Sarah has been in Orlando for some time, tending to her mother, Sue.  Kylie joined her on Friday so I decided to ride down for a visit.  I wanted to see the girls and Sue, who was in her last days.  Sue has been a great, friendly and fun Mother in Law over the years.

I was going to ride the Honda down the interstate highways but, at the last minute, decided to ride on Razzo, taking the more scenic US17 to Deland, then shift to I-4 to get into downtown Orlando.

It was a pleasant ride, good weather and reasonable traffic.  I always enjoy passing cars on the two lane country roads and had my opportunities going both down and back.  Three hours down, four there, three back.

Nothing like a nice ride to clear the head.

Razzo at Sue's House

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