Monday, May 4, 2015

Fireball Update

After putting it off for almost a year now, I have decided that we will be doing the Fireball in the fall.  And after riding to Apalachicola to visit with Lostboater and ADKJim in March, that will be our overnight destination.  We will stay at the Gibson Hotel in downtown Apalachicola.  

The Gibson with three Vespa Scooters in front.

Ride over to Eastpoint to dine on oysters at Lynn's Quality Oysters.

A perfect place for dinner and scooters.

So, it will run through north Florida and south Georgia to Apalachicola for the evening, then return the next day to Jacksonville over some fine north Florida roads.  Probably three check points each way to allow some flexibility and creativity for the riders.  It will probably be in October.  I hope that we can develop some interest and have a super fun event.

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