Thursday, May 7, 2015

Full Face Helmet

Late last week I received an email from Motorcycle Superstore saying that they were selling a Scorpion EXO 500 helmet.  The normally $200 helmet was going for less than $70.

I had bought a Scorpion EXO CT 220 open face, 3/4 helmet last year that has become my favorite.  It fits perfectly, so I chose a similar one in full face.

At the low price, colors were not standard, but because everyone has commented favorably about the hi viz yellow that I have been wearing, I chose the most colorful model available.

So far, after only a couple of miles use I find it to be very tight.  It has inflatable cheek pads and these are tight even with no air inflated.  But I have found that over time they become more comfortable.

I was looking for more protection from wind and cold.  The extra benefit is that it will protect my face, just in case....not that it is special in any way.

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