Monday, May 18, 2015

A Disturbance in the Scooter Force

After years of only minor damage to scooters in a couple of very minor incidents, we had a bigger one on Thursday night.

Sarah wanted to clear some space in the garage to store items for a yard sale on Saturday.  Kylie was home for the sale and we were headed to Mossfire Grill for dinner.  Along the way is my office, the place where the bikes would stay while away from home.

Because we had two to move I thought it would be quicker to ride two of them to the office at once, so Sarah said she would ride one.  I put her on Vanessa, gave her the usual instructions and sent her off from the driveway.  She had ridden the Malaguti several times and I made the incorrect assumption that this ride would be easy.

She rounded the corner onto the road and promptly ran into the rear bumper of a Land Rover parked across the street.

Luckily, Sarah emerged unscathed!  Just a minor pain of the tailbone when doing yoga the next day.

The damage to Vanessa is limited to the front end, but she is really damaged.

After a brief look, I assumed that Vanessa was a write-off.  But we are now looking at ways to save her.

I have spoken to Boris and others to get advice on the direction to head.

My wonderful friend Ken settled me down, offering sage advice that I am now using to move forward.

It was an error in judgement that has me reeling.

I truly enjoy these scooters.  Seeing one go down is hard.  And with my wife on board was very scary.  It is a miracle that she was not hurt.

A note to all.  These machines, that appear to be so simple and fun to ride to us seasoned riders, are very dangerous to those with little experience.  I see it very clearly now.


  1. Bill I know what you mean. Riding any motorbike is a complex affair. We forget how far we've come, how much we have learned.

    I'm glad the only damage seems to be to the bike. Could have been much worse.

    Good luck fixing it up.

    1. Thank you, David. I am consulting with several scooter resources, and it is questionable that the front can be straightened. The incident has cast a real pall on my scooter fun for a few days, but it is getting better.

  2. You've hit the nail on the head in regard to risk on a scooter and how so many, riders included, delude themselves into thinking they aren't potentially dangerous. Whenever people tell me scooters are safer I just mention the possible speeds I can ride and that the road doesn't know the difference between a scooter and motorcycle.

    Glad your wife is ok. Lot's of people come out of collisions unscathed but you can't bank on that. Hope you find a way to keep your scooter alive and kicking!

    1. Thank you Steve. I got complacent and made a huge mistake. Luckily, Sarah walked away from it unscathed. The scooter, though, is another story. I heard that you were under the weather. I hope you are feeling better.

    2. I'm doing well now -- one week since my heart attack. Have been on a couple short rides but keeping things slow for now until I get to cardiac rehab and explore the limits of my heart.

      Maybe something good will emerge from the collision -- like a new Vespa GTS 300!

    3. I am pleased to hear that you are hanging in there, and back to riding. I would enjoy a new GTS 300, but have a new-to-me, 2005 GT 200L to go along with Rocket. It is fast and smooth and will make a perfect Cannonball scooter for 2016.