Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I have been wanting to make some windshield changes on the three GT's that have in my possession.  They are, of course, Rocket, Razzo and Vanessa.

Saturday, I took the entire day off.  It started by riding the noisy Lambretta to Boris to start the repairs of the exhaust damage caused by the drop last week.

Then I went home and looked at the three scooters.

Rocket had a small, fly screen that I like a lot.  Vanessa had the Faco mid size screen that came on Razzo.  It is a thick, stout screen but the supports are very vertical, leaving it very upright, too much so for my taste.  And Razzo had the mid size Malossi that I bought as a replacement when it was broken in the rear ending accident in August.  The Malossi is thinner and vibrates a bit more than the Faco.

So I took the screen off Vanessa, took it apart, and put the upright supports on Rocket, re-installing the fly screen.  It is upright but not an issue with the much lower screen.

Then, I took the old supports from Rocket and matched them with the heavier Faco screen and put them on Razzo.  The more stable windscreen is more comfortable at speed than the flexible Malossi.

And I put the Malossi on Vanessa with the more reclined screen than before.

I like all of them better now.


  1. Bill, we need pictures!

    Windscreens: can ride without 'em, but even when you have choices, it's damn hard to find one to love!

    1. Sigh... Meant *can't* ride without 'em...

    2. I didn't take before photos and made a mess of Vanessa last night, so the mood has passed. Two are almost identical while Rocket gets the hot rod setup, Flyscreen with LV exhaust.

  2. Well, I'm glad you seem to have found the perfect windshield-scooter combination for Rocket, Razzo, and Vanessa. I'm just glad you didn't end up having to buy new ones. I guess it's all a matter of good match-ups, huh? I hope to hear more from you soon, Bill. Drive safely!

    Ginger Cain @ Ultimate Collision

    1. Ginger, the rearranging worked out almost perfectly. I am getting a shake from the one on Razzo, but I am sure that it is the front tire. I like the small shield on Rocket and Vanessa got a good one, but she is out of commission for a while.

  3. It seems like you are satisfied with the changes that you made with your cars' windshields. It will be really great if you would share some photos of your cars with us too, Bill. Always stay safe!

    Cleora Schroeder @ Xtreme Auto Glass Pros