Wednesday, May 27, 2015

MP3 Spring Gathering

I am leaving tomorrow to attend the MP3 Spring Gathering in Little Switzerland, NC tomorrow morning.

It has been a trying couple of weeks.  We lost Sarah's mother, Sue, on Memorial Day.  She gave it a good fight, but couldn't overcome a recurrence of cancer.  She was a great Mother-In-Law all these years and will be greatly missed.

Besides that, we had Vanessa's accident, an intern quitting, my father in the hospital for a few days and the possibility of finally selling the house.

Razzo is the chosen mount for the ride.  Last year I rode the Honda to the Fall Gathering.  It was fine but the scooter will make it even better this time.

My intended route is to ride up I-95 into South Carolina.  Then take 321 to Columbia where I will pick up I-26 past Spartanburg.  Then smaller roads, mostly 221, to the gathering.  It will be a nice mix of the pure speed of the interstate highway system and country roads.  Google says it will take around 8 hours.

It will be the fourth long ride for Razzo after Apalachicola, Virginia and Orlando in the past three months.  I was getting a little concerned about the rear tire wear this week.  I put a new tire on it in mid March.  In those ten weeks it has been ridden 4300 miles, but I checked this morning and it looks fine.  I will check the oil, coolant and tire pressures tonight, fill the tank and be ready for a 5:30 launch.


  1. Bill so sorry to hear of your loss. Hardly a day goes by that my mother-in-law and father-in-law aren't in my thoughts.

    Eight hours is a decent ride Bill. More like 12 to 13 hours with fuel and comfort breaks. Nothing compared to the Cannonball though.

    I look forward to the narrative and photos.

    Ride safely.

    1. Thank you David, Sue will be missed.

      As for the ride, the way I ride is to get on and go. I will leave here at 5:30, stop for no more than ten minutes twice before meeting Mike Justiss for lunch near Tryon, NC. I hope to be in Little Switzerland by 4:00. It is actually longer than any one day on the Cannonball, but nothing like stringing ten of these together.