Friday, June 17, 2016

Side Bets

My buddy Ken posted this on the Scooter Cannonball Run website earlier today.  Since I am mentioned, I felt it best to answer in the private (very few readers) confines of Rocket & Me.

Some proposed bets:

1. Will Team Scooter Trash support vehicle make the round trip without a breakdown.

  • I have seen photos of the camper.......not sure but it probably will make it

2. Will Bill finish

  • I sure hope so.  I have prepared all three scooters and each can probably make it to the finish.  Leaning to Razzo but rode Vanessa today.  She is so sweet.  Regardless of the scooter, my mechanical skills with these have improved enormously.  (I could fix the belt and variator failure from last time in one hour on the side of the road).  Of course something different might come up this time but I will do my best to make it to Mukilteo.

3. Will Bill beat George

  • George has a scooter that is probably 10 mph faster than whichever I take.  But it is modified heavily and George gets lost sometimes.  I have a better handicap and George can't use that extra speed everywhere.  He really wants to win, to promote his fine business along with personal reasons.  I will ride my usual ride and hope for the best.  Finishing behind George would not bother me at all.  A top five would be great.  But if I can ride my scooter to the finishing line I will truly be a happy fellow.

4. Of the modified scooters, what number will finish i.e. cross the finish line with the two wheels and a motor that works.

  • All of them.  The riders of these know how to fix them.

5. Will the rider on the brand new out of the box Vespa Sprint finish in the top 5

  • That is Dave (feb31st) and he is a very skilled rider and navigator.  He will finish in the top five.  Had he chosen a Yamaha Smax, he would be in a very tight battle with George for the win.

Kylie's design won the logo competition.  Proud dad I am.

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