Saturday, June 11, 2016

Razzo Getting up to Speed

I finished the last loose ends on Razzo's carburetor installation this morning.  Had to remove the air cleaner box to re-attach the big air hose to it so it could be connected to the carburetor.  Then clamp everything down and reconnect a coolant hose.  After that we went for a short, slow ride around the neighborhood.  No leaks or issues at all.

Then came time for a speed test.  I took it out to I-10 and ran from Edgewood Avenue to Chaffee Road.  Then returned.  No real wind today and no hills on that stretch, so it was running on its own mostly, with a little help from drafting some cars.

We hit 80 mph going out and 81 coming back.  All GPS.

I am quite certain that I have found my Cannonball scooter.

We will start with a new carburetor and rear tire..  The oil, variator, belt and rollers were changed a couple of months ago but only have 1500 miles of running on them.  They should be fine. I will be bringing spares of everything, and plan to change the belt and oil in Nebraska.

Not bad speed for a 2005 Vespa GT.
I am sure that it can go faster in better conditions.

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  1. Give it a good 100 mile run on a Sunday to give something a chance to surface than might not happen in a 15-minute ride. Russ