Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tuesday Ride to Ramirez

This week Russ chose Ramirez Restaurant in Orange Park for our weekly outing.

We hadn't been there in several years but he was looking for fresh places for the new people.

We gathered at the warehouse as usual and the weather was nice, for a change.  Cool and comfortable.

I led and the route was through Riverside, Avondale and Ortega, then a blast down US17 to Orange Park.  We rode through the shops of Avondale, over the draw bridge into Ortega, then down the beautiful Ortega Boulevard, where I have designed at least 25 projects over the years.

We were seated in our own room at the back of the restaurant.  Service was slow, but OK.  The food was decent and a little expensive, but I had the chicken and shrimp special and we all shared appetizers.

I was hurting all the way there and back, but it was still fun.
Scooters all in a row

With riders.  Me on Rocket.

Heading out.  The warehouse is in an area undergoing massive changes.
The once vacant building across the street is going down, making room for something new.
Our warehouse is going to go the same way soon.

At the restaurant.  Mike, across from me, had his appendix out the week before me so we had war stories.


  1. Tough crusty riders, hitting the road post-op :)

    1. Mike's usual ride is a Yamaha R1. He was on his Yamaha Zuma this time. We are not actually all that tough. We simply enjoy riding, and this group of old guys.