Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Florida Fireball Update 2

After a very busy summer, and with a lingering concern that the racing Fireball would be poorly received, we have decided to turn the event into a simple overnight ride from Jacksonville to Apalachicola and back.

We will follow the same route that I have been using on two visits this year.  Those were nice rides to meet Ken and Jim the first time, then another ride a couple of weeks ago to meet Ken and Gary.  The route takes us out US90 to Maclenny, then south on 121.  I like turning off on 130 for the back way to Lake Butler and will probably lead the group this way again.  We will probably stop at the big Marathon station in Lake Butler to let the old guys rest.  Then back on 121 to 18 into Fort White.  From there we will continue west on 27 through Branford and Mayo to Perry where we will stop for fuel, and maybe lunch at Deal's Oyster House.

From there we will go west on 98 through several small communities until we begin riding along the gulf south of Panacea.  That begins the beautiful part of the trip through Carrabelle and Eastpoint to Apalachicola.  It is an easy 240 mile ride that should take around seven hours as a group ride.

We will be staying in the Gibson Inn and eating as many oysters as possible.

Should anyone want to join us, check out the 7 Bridges Scooter Club Facebook page and look for the events tab.  Then join in on the fun.  Or just let me know here.

The road to the beach at St. George Island State Park

The Gibson

Beautiful restored residence in Apalachicola

Perfection on a plate


  1. The ride I get (and I'd do the Fireball did I live closer). The oysters? Why dear God is an honest slice of fish, cooked, not perfection?

  2. Now that's an excellent question.

    Let's see.

    First off, generally, when we say something is ´fishy' it's rarely complimentary. When we say something's ´beefy'... well it's certainly closer to perfection on the quality scale.

    As for oysters, they most certainly appeal to a man's need for adventure. What food is possibly more adventurous that prying open a hideous reluctant rock to slurp out the deliciousness within bathed in a natural limpid liquor... well clearly, consumed with a favorite alcoholic libation, in a quiet comforting surrounding, the oyster more than delivers on its aphrodisiac promise. As a cunning linguist once remarked "a noisy noise most annoys an oyster" answering the question once posed by the long forgotten
    Frank Crummit

    1. Now Michael, I think Bill's right. Oysters are, seen in that dim light, if not perfection, certainly within spitting distance of perfection, no?

  3. David, You certainly know how to describe the joys of eating those wonderful wet morsels. I can agree with Michael that a well prepares piece of fish can be perfect too. As can many other foods, but oysters are special.