Saturday, September 19, 2015

Riding Again

Today I decided to get back on Rocket and ride around the neighborhood.

I have found that not riding makes me feel our of sorts.  Just the thought of getting on the road on a scooter was enough to make me feel much better.

But first I had to make sure that I could push it around and get it on the stand.  So I tried these things in the garage and driveway first.  No problem.  Then rode to my barber for a haircut.  She was busy so over to Southern Roots for an early lunch, then back to the barber.  She gave me a solid cut before I headed to see the guys at the Scooter Warehouse.  Then back to the office for this post.

Everything is looking good.

Bumps do hurt a little, but I found that if I sit up straight, the pains are minimized.