Monday, September 28, 2015

7BSC Scoot-A-Cue

Once a year the scooter club puts on a picnic at the house of one of the members.  This year we had it at Sue's house in Arlington.  This tradition has been going on since I joined the club several years ago.  One year it conflicted with a funeral I attended, but I rode the scooter to the funeral in a dress suit, then stopped by Russ' house on the way home to join in on the fun.

A few days before the party, I got a call from my friend Jim Mandle.  Jim lives in Hernando, about 120 miles southwest of Jacksonville.  He wanted to come up to the gathering but was going to drive because of he would have to get home in the dark.  I offered for him to stay with me so he rode up, catching some rain around Starke.

But he made it and we enjoyed the visit.

This year it coincided with Boris' 50th birthday.  Sue made him a cake to help celebrate.

We all had a nice time and made it home safely.

Me arriving

Jim right behind me.

Sue and Elaina

Karl, Bobby and some of the wives.

Kevin, Rick, Karl and Grace Ann

Dining and visiting with Boris, Shaw and Jim.

Kathy and Jim

Chris and Boris.  These two, along with Russ, founded the club.

Shaw and scooters.

Much of the gang.


  1. I wonder if so many scooters in the driveway raises concern among the neighbors?

    Now if they were Harleys...

    Nice to catch a glimpse of Jim.

    1. It appears that we didn't cause any issues with the neighbors. Scooter riders are such nice people, and the machines so friendly.

  2. You make scootering en mass(e) so attractive...Nah, I don' think I should try it.

    1. Michael, I like both solo and group rides. Solo rides are fun because I can ride my own ride, going as fast and long as I wish. Group rides have limitations, but it is great to have friends around at the breaks and meals.