Monday, September 14, 2015

Hernia Surgery

I went into the hospital on Thursday for repair of my first hernia.

It was originally scheduled to have me show up at 5:00 AM, but was changed the day before to arrive at 9:00.  Much better.

Sarah and I arrived then and went straight to the surgical admitting area, where they took me in almost immediately.  The nurses were all very nice and helpful.  Surgery was supposed to be at 11:00 but they didn't take me until Noon.

Waiting patiently.  Love the socks.

I was wheeled up to the final surgical prep area where I said hello to one of my old clients, a urologist who was going to operate on the young fellow at the adjacent bay.

The anesthesiologist came in first to tell me what they were going to do.  The admitting nurse had told me that that doctor was a woman, so when a man showed up, I let him know that I was looking for a woman.  I let him know that I was fine with either.

Then I spoke briefly with my doctor.  I asked him if he could go ahead and do both low hernias in this procedure, but he said that the pain would be too great and suggested that we stick with one.  He was right.

So the anesthesia nurse administered the anesthe...............................................

I woke up with another nurse asking questions in recovery.  Then I urinated and they let me go home.

In the recovery area.

That afternoon was ok. with medications still keeping things calm.

I slept ok and awoke feeling quite good.  That would change as the day progressed.  It got worse to the point where I never felt good.  The best thing to happen was that, at 11:30, I got a knock at the door.  It was Community Courier, with lunch for Sarah and Me from our favorite lunch restaurant, Southern Roots.  They sent it over without anyone asking.  They are very sweet and it was appreciated very much.

Our delivered lunch.  It was perfect.

Sarah had to go to Orlando Saturday morning for the night.  I let her know that I would prefer to have her home, but could make it on my own.  It freed me up to watch football all day Saturday and Sunday.  I thought I would like it but got bored after a while.  Football doesn't hold me like it used to.

While she was gone, My friends Kellie and Gregg brought me lunch both days.  They are great friends.

The pains have changed as the time moves on.  The hernia pain has almost gone away completely.  The remaining pain appears to be related to the skin cut but will continue to improve.

I had been hoping to ride to North Georgia this Thursday for the MP3 gathering at Vogel State Park.  The surgeon thought I could do it if I really wanted to give it a try.  I am feeling much better today, but certainly don't want to do anything to harm the repair.  I might have to pass, but if I feel great on Wednesday, I might just go.  We'll see.


  1. Bill, one down, two to go :)

    The other two should be a piece of cake.

    These things are never as trivial as we hope, except after a few years pass. They then become trivial.

    Congratulations on peeing. My operation was late in the day, and I couldn't manage it until the next morning, and they don't release witihout a succesful performance.

    1. This one has been a pain so far. I am certain that it will get a lot better soon but I am worn out. I wanted to do the next two quickly, but I may change that and wait for a while. Not until an emergency, but just not in a hurry at the moment. I want to get on the bikes and ride for a few weeks first.