Saturday, September 5, 2015

Perfect Ride on Rocket

Yesterday I had a meeting with the owner and contractor for a cool house that Scott and I designed on the ocean on Amelia Island.  It is a forty mile ride along the north bank of the St. Johns River and through the state park at Little and Big Talbot Islands.  It is among the best rides available in the area.

I decided to take Rocket.  It has been perfect since Boris discovered the broken vacuum line, and was perfect for the ride.  I got there right on time, taking 50 minutes into the wind.

We visited for two hours going through all the concerns that the owner had on the work.  I hope it brought him comfort because the jobsite was clean and the workmanship was very good.  There were a couple of areas that needed attention, but that is the usual condition of projects at this phase.

The house is looking great.  It sits up about four feet higher than the previous house that was destroyed by a big storm in 2005.  The view over the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean were fantastic.  The porches will offer great use of the property and the house will sit proudly on its site.

Before heading home, I checked the Weather Channel on my phone.  It looked like I could make it without getting wet, but big storms were approaching.  At every turn on A1A and Hecksher Drive, I would either panic or feel great, depending on the look of the sky.  It was very dark in spots, but light in others.  I could see for miles so it was a little hard to determine if they were close or not.  As I turned south onto I-95, I could see rain falling to the west.  I got hit by a few drops but made it home safely.  It took 45 minutes, maybe a scooter record for me, as the weather gave me impetus to hurry.

Rocket on site.  The second floor framing has not begun.

View from the living room.  This is a two story space.

The round porch.  A little added flair to the house.

the main porch.  Narrower to allow light and views.

Part of the ride home on Amelia Island.

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