Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I have been operated on once.  It was for a detached retina in my left eye.  I was awake for part of the procedure and it hurt.  But the surgeon, my friend John Sullivan, was spectacular.  After the surgery and two months for the fluid in the eye to refill, I have full, clear vision in the eye. That was around ten years ago.

Recently I developed a pain in the groin area.  I posted here that it turned out to be the newest and biggest of three hernias that have developed.  Surgery is scheduled for early Thursday morning to repair this one.  We will schedule work for the other two as the need arises.

The eye and the groin.  Could I find any more sensitive areas than these?

It hurts to the degree that I will put up with the hospital and surgery to make it go away.  It is starting to impact my ability to ride my scooters, and I have some cool rides scheduled for the next three months.

I know that I have quality medical care and that I will get first class treatment.  But they did ask for my Living Will.

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