Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Getting Ready for the Iron Butt

With an Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000 lurking just over three weeks away, I have to get started on scooter preparations.  Last night I took the wheels off Vanessa to take to Mike McNeil for new tires.  He will do that today, then the same for Razzo tonight for its tires tomorrow.

After that, I have belts and rollers coming from George's Scooter Parts Co.  I will do that next week along with oil changes.  With that, we should be ready to take on Florida.

My new garage has decent lighting.  Enough to make it a good workshop.


  1. An iron butt with Bill Dog, now that's going to be epic.

    I know you've ridden with him before. Do you have you Donkii Skoks sticker?

    If so, and you're a club member, that might mean that when I get to ride with you, I'll qualify for membership too.

    1. David, I actually have not ridden with Bill before. I met him at Amerivespa in New Orleans where we chatted a bit, but no riding. I will see if I can get Donkei Skok stickers for both of us and send yours with the black shirt I am mailing as soon as I make another batch. Or maybe I can hand them to you when we finally get together for a ride.